Everyday Sourdough

Our best selling light sourdough loaf, with a mild tang and not-too-chewy crust. Makes great toast.

Available as 1kg & 500g boules & 1 kg baton

COBS Wholemeal Sourdough Boule.jpg

Cambridge Loaf

Wholemeal sourdough made with organic wheat from the Wimpole Estate milled at Foster’s Mill in Swaffham Prior

Available as 1kg & 500g boules

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Spelt Sourdough

Wholemeal spelt sourdough made with organic flour from Foster’s Mill, with a slightly sweet, nutty taste.

Available as an 800g & 400g tin loaf

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Super Seedy

Light brown bread, packed full of organic pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy & golden linseeds

Available as an 800g & 400g bloomer

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Rolls and Baps

We make white, wholemeal, country malt and super seedy baps and rolls - ideal for lunchtime sandwiches or to accompany soup.

Available as 120g baps & 85g rolls

COBS Dinner Rolls.jpg

Dinner Rolls

Small, but perfectly formed for serving at formal dinners - white, wholemeal, country malt & super seedy..

Spelt dinner rolls available as a special order (min order 90)

COBS Baguettes.jpg


Made with organic white flour our baguettes are hand shaped and finished with a dusting of flour

Available as a baguettes & demi-baguettes

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Ciabatta & Focaccia

Our ciabatta and focaccia are designed to make perfect deli sandwiches, or just to dip in olive oil and eat.

Available in a range of sizes from a small (2 sandwich) to a whole tray

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Tin Loaves & Bloomers

We make traditional white, wholemeal and country malt tin loaves and bloomers for classic sandwiches and toast.

Available as 800g tins & sandwich tins and 800g & 400g bloomers

COBS Scones.jpg


Our fruit scones are not-too-sweet and full of dried fruit. The cheese scones are made with mature cheddar cheese and cayenne pear for lots of taste.

Available as large (4”), medium (3”) and mini (1.5”) round scones.

COBS Brown Bloomers.jpg

Flavoured Breads

Our walnut, olive and sun-dried tomato breads are fantastic as a mixed bread basket or to serve with cheese.

Available as 800g & 400g bloomers

COBS Brioche.jpg

Brioche Buns

Our light, buttery brioche buns are idea as hamburger and hot dog buns, or for steak sandwiches or luxury bacon rolls

Available as 100g & 120g buns and large hot dog rolls

COBS Teacakes.jpg

Fruit Loaf & Tea Cakes

A light yeasted dough with a mixture of currents, raisins and sultanas. Best served toasted with lots of butter.

Available as a 400g loaf and individual tea cakes