Organic and Speciality Breads baked in Cambridge

Cobs Bakery Alan with loaves

CobsBakery uses local flours to produce the Windmill and Classic ranges of additive-free organic breads for delivery around Cambridge and sale at local Farmers’ Markets.  We are also pleased to supply catering outlets with our standard products or to develop bespoke items.  Everything is hand-made and delivered fresh.


This month's Guest Bread: Malted 4 Grain Sourdough

M4G sourdough

We've loved this malted mixed grain loaf for its taste and texture since we started baking.  It's a superb blend of organic flours and flaked grains from James Waterfield at the Maud Foster windmill.  Now we upgrade this classic with longer fermentation and gutsy sourdough starter to bring out all the flavours of this beautiful flour.  This is a flavoursome loaf with a chewy crust and a soft, dense textured crumb.  It's an excellent accompaniment to soups and salads!  The ingredients include wheat flour, organic malted wheat flakes, organic rye flour, organic spelt flakes and organic oat flakes. Heavy mixed grain breads have a low-GI.  Low-GI foods keep you feeling full and energised for longer after eating and also encourage the body to burn fat. Read more...

About Cobsbakery

Alan and Sarah at CobsBakery

CobsBakery is Alan (the Baker) and Sarah (the Office) working together to bring you the best in fresh bread - guaranteed free from any additives, improvers or preservatives. Since baking his first loaf at home over 20 years ago, Alan has been honing his skills to the point where he launched out in business in 2004. Alan and Sarah bring their own skills to the business and work with a handful of others to bring you the best in bread. We believe it's good - we eat it ourselves! Read more...